Process Of Using Tulsi Mala

Aug 11, 2022
Process Of Using Tulsi Mala

Tulsi is a holy plant and it provides many benefits. Basically, tulsi seeds are tiny and light and is used to make the Tulsi Mala. Tulsi beads are very fortunate, easy to use, and very comfortable to carry.


Nowadays everyone wants to purchase tulsi mala because tulsi is the one that can calm down the mind and grow positive energy in the body. Negativity will not come close to you. It can be used as an ornament and Japa mala.


It has 108 beads, made in Japan which you can recite and carry or wear. Chanting 108 names of a God or 108 times a manta is a good sign by the 108 beads. The rest of the extra beads are included depending on the person how he/she is performing the attachment and how much sadhana is there.


If you see Krishna beads it is a little bit larger than the rest of the other tulsi mala and is known as such. Chanting the mantras should begin on one side of the large Japa mala and once all 108 beads have been covered, don't skip over the Krishna bead. Mala beads are very traditional to keep a count of numbers if at times your mantra has been recited in Japan.


The original size of the mala comes with 108 beads and a Guru bead, or tassel to remind us of the amazing lecturers in our lives and their significance. In this post, we are going to tell you what tulsi is and how it can be beneficial to you after wearing it. Read the post till the end.

 The importance of 108 Number of Tulsi Japa Mala

 Basically, the number 108 is a blessed number in Hindu culture, especially in the Hindu tradition. These beneficial numbers have been taken from the multiple of 12 astrology houses by 9 planets. Prominent Vedic mathematicians have studied about 108 beaded products and know about the benefits of these numbers.


These numbers are connecting the Sun, Moon, and Earth. The medium distance of Sun, Moon, and Earth, is told with the help of research from astrology that number is 108 times, pertaining diameters.

 What is tulsi mala used for?

 Ram tulsi mala is used to make the mind calm and helps to reduce anxiety and stress. It makes the mind positive, releases negative energy, and grows positivity in the body. Tulsi mala also removes negativity and evil eye from the house.


Tulsi mala also gives many benefits after being worshipped by Hindus which is cherished by Lord Vishnu, hence she is named Harivallabha.


Tulsi mala narsimha kavach

benefits many people and this is the reason Tulsi became very popular among Hindus. If you wear tulsi mala with pure heart then it helps to make you happy and give you success in your business and/or work, what you are doing in your life.


Tulsi neck mala can fulfill all your wishes if you do Jaap pure heartedly. There are a few rules and before wearing tulsi, first, you have to wash tulsi mala in gangajal. After that, you can wear or use it for doing Jaap.